Cours du soir C2007 - Analytical accountancy

Public cible

Anyone wishing to learn and apply the skills necessary in order to establish the financial health and performance of a company through examination of the financial statements and other information, and establish how said analysis can affect the decision making of the users of such information.


  • Establish a comprehensive overview of the financial situation of an entity with reference to Gearing, Liquidity, and Investment performance.
  • Select and apply various decision making techniques in order to maximise efficiency of resources.
  • Understand how risk and uncertainty are incorporated into decision making techniques, and how said risks are managed.
  • Understand the key methods of investment appraisal.
  • Identify appropriate techniques of business and asset valuations.
  • Apply appropriate budgeting techniques, and establish alternative sources of business finance.


Successful completion of the module « General accounting : current operations » (C2001E) and « General accounting : year-end operations » (C2003E) or proof of equivalent certified knowledge.


Il n'y a pas de cours de prévu dans les prochains jours.