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PARTNER INSTITUTIONS The Chamber of employees (Chambre des salariés, CSL) offers the ICDL in Luxembourg in collaboration with the government of the Grand Duchy and the Luxembourgish association Ingénieurs et Scientifiques du Luxembourg a.s.b.l. The main objective is to promote digital literacy by professionalizing the users of these specific tools.
DURATION Certification test: 45 min / module
Continuous access to the learning platform until the certification test
The test is considered successfully passed if the candidate has achieved a score of at least 75%.
NEXT CERTIFICATION DATE Every month, 2 certification tests are scheduled.
Every available date is shown on the registration form.
CERTIFICATION LOCATION Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Centre (LLLC)
Authorized ICDL Test Centre
Bonnevoie, Luxembourg
The candidate selects the desired language in the registration form.
  • Exam preparation with the Moodle-LLLC platform
    Self-assessment with the Diagnostic Test
    Exam preparation with the Adaptive Learning Tool – ALT (only with Windows computer)
  • Certification exam that takes place at the LLLC and at a computer that is made available for the exam
PACKAGE TARIFFS 2 packages to choose from :
Package “Single Pack” (1 module): €55
Package “Mixed Pack” (4 modules): €160


What is ICDL?

The digitalisation of the working environment leads to new demands on employees in all sectors of the economy.

In addition to professional competence, basic computer knowledge and expert application are now among the central prerequisites.

These digital skills are nowadays a clear advantage in many areas of work.

ICDL (International Certification of Digital Literacy), the international standard for digital competences, certifies the acquired skills and thus testifies that the certified candidates present a professional know how of digital tools as well as a solid knowledge in the daily use of a computer and various programs, Office Pack included.

ICDL – for whom?

ICDL addresses everyone who works with a computer: employees, students, jobseekers, businesses in the broadest sense and proves digital competences through certification in response to the needs of the labour market.

The certification tests can also be used to assess digital skills in order to select the most suitable continuing education program.

Over 17 million persons in over 100 countries have already participated in the ICDL certification programme.

The ICDL certification

The ICDL is a modular certification.

The ICDL certification proves your digital skills and confirms that you can use various software with confidence and effectiveness.

The LLLC currently offers 14 ICDL modules in 3 different fields, that meet the current requirements in terms of digital skills.

The modules - available in 3 fields

You can either select the Single Pack (1 module) and take the certification test for one of the modules or the Mixed Pack (4 freely selectable modules), for which you then take the corresponding certification tests for all 4 modules.

The combination of 4 modules then corresponds to a so-called competence profile.

Computer Essentials

This module covers the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for using computers and mobile devices, for creating and managing files, for dealing with networks, and ensuring data security.

This module covers skills concerning the use of word processing, e.g. writing letters, formatting, editing document page settings, inserting a table or using spell check.

This module covers skills needed for the professional use of a word processing programme, e.g. using fields, forms and templates.

This module covers skills such as creating charts, using and applying mathematical and logical formulas, sorting data, and entering data in cells.

This module covers advanced spreadsheet skills, e.g. the analysis of data in tables, conditional formatting and custom number formats.

This module covers the proficient use of a presentation programme, e.g. how to enter a well-structured text in slides, create a presentation with a consistent slide design and animation effects or how to print handouts.

This module covers advanced skills such as inserting movies and sounds, linking and embedding data into a slide and creating presentations for specific target audiences.
Online Collaboration

This module covers best practice regarding social media, online meetings, online learning platforms and mobile devices.


Online Essentials

This module covers the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for browsing the web, finding information efficiently, online communication, and e-mail use.

This module covers fundamental knowledge regarding the structure and management of databases.
IT Security

The IT Security module covers the main skills and knowledge needed for the secure use of ICT in everyday settings, at home and at work in order to apply good IT security principles to manage connections, devices, and data effectively and safely.
Data Protection

The Data Protection module sets out essential knowledge relating to data protection concepts and principles, data subject rights, the implementation of data protection policies and measures, and regulatory compliance.

This module covers the key database concepts necessary to understand a relational database and use an appropriate application to create an advanced structure and outputs.


Image Editing

This module covers the practical application of an image editing programme to improve, edit and print digital photos as well as publish them online. Additionally, this module conveys an understanding of the main concepts of digital image editing.


All Mixed Packs are customizable, the 4 modules can be selected freely.

«*Advanced module available.»

How does it work?

One pack (1 module or 4 modules) contains:

  • 1 Diagnostic Test
  • Syllabus
  • E-books
  • The Adaptive Learning Tool
  • Certification test(s)

Upon registration, you will receive your login for the Moodle-LLLC platform.

The access to the training platform Sophia, to the syllabus and to the e-Books will be made available via the Moodle-LLLC platform.

The “Diagnostic” Test

The Diagnostic Test covers all test contents and assesses the current state of knowledge of the candidate for every selected module.

There is no given time limit, and the test can be paused as often as wished. After all questions have been answered, a detailed report as well as a suggested solution is displayed for the questions where the answer was wrong.


Exam preparation in self-study. All module descriptions as well as all course content, that is asked during the tests (syllabus), can be found at any time on the Moodle-LLLC platform.

E-Books / Study material

Study material / e-books and quick references are made available via the platform to support the exam preparation. These elements are available in English.

Exam preparation with the Adaptive Learning Tool – ALT

As soon as you enter the selected course on the Moodle-LLLC platform, you will have access to the ALT via the platform Sophia.

In this course, you will also find a tutorial for the use of the platform as well as the different study material (syllabus and e-books).

By accessing the platform Sophia, different tests will be available:

« Diagnostic » Test

  • This test allows you to assess your level of current knowledge before starting the training with the ALT for the certification.

Assessment test and customised training – Adaptive Learning Tool (ALT)

  • This training tool helps you prepare for the final certification test. The ALT is to be used in three steps:

Step 1) Assessment of your actual knowledge (for every module). At the end of each assessment will be made available a detailed report of results with tutorials.

Step 2) Automatic generation of tailormade training with tutorials that meet your needs in reference to the lack of knowledge that might have been identified in the initial assessment of your actual knowledge (step 1).

Step 3) New assessment in order to check the newly acquired skills in step 2 (without any tutorials).

Once step 3 has been finalized, the ALT can’t be accessed anymore.

The ALT is a practice-oriented learning tool, adapted to the need of every participant, that ensures an evolution in the acquisition of skills. The ALT covers all content required for the different ICDL certification tests.

Certification test

  • The final certification tests are activated on the very day of the certification and can then be accessed via the platform Sophia. These tests can be passed at the LLLC.

The ICDL certification test

One exam (one test) per module.

2 dates are scheduled every month at the LLLC for the certification tests. The wished date can be selected in the registration form that will be sent via e-mail.

The maximum duration of one test (one test per module) is 45 minutes.

The test is considered successfully passed if the candidate has achieved a score of at least 75%.

The questions in the different tests are displayed either in French, German or English (according to the selection made by the candidate).

The tests that lead to a certification (when successfully passed) take place at the LLLC (Authorized ICDL Test Centre), under supervision of an examiner.

Regristration to the IDCL certification

55 €
LU - MA - ME - JE - VE - SA
55 €
LU - MA - ME - JE - VE - SA
55 €
LU - MA - ME - JE - VE - SA
160 €
LU - MA - ME - JE - VE - SA
160 €
LU - MA - ME - JE - VE - SA
160 €
LU - MA - ME - JE - VE - SA

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