Cours du soir C3001 - Overview of Luxembourg company law

Public cible

Anyone currently working or looking for a new position within a credit institution, fiduciary or related services provider, individuals wishing to expand their practical knowledge in Luxembourg Corporate Law or anyone interested in the functioning of company law in Luxembourg.


  • Distinguishing the advantages of a commercial company from those of a sole proprietorship.
  • Applying for a business license.
  • Carrying out the formalities for the publication of important company decisions with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register (RCS, RESA) and fulfilling the company's RBO obligations
  • Formalities surrounding the incorporation of a public limited liability company (SA), a private limited liability company (SARL) and a simplified private limited liability company (SARL-S).
  • Distinguishing the legal regime for shares from that for bonds.
  • Differentiating the main corporate bodies (general meeting, management and supervision) of the SA, SARL and SARL-S as well as their powers and operating rules.
  • Understanding of the annual accounts approval and related disclosure formalities.
  • Implementing the most relevant means of company winding up (liquidation, bankruptcy).


None. However it is recommended to complete the module « General accounting : current operations » (C2001E) or « Accounting for non-accountants » (C2002E) prior to enroling to this module or to have equivalent knowledge.


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