Cours du soir C3053 - General introduction to European Union law

Public cible

Anyone wishing to prepare a state examination, any civil servant or anyone willing to understand and to apply European law.


  • Appreciate the distribution of powers between the EU and the Member States.
  • Distinguish the EU institutions and other European organizations (OSCE, WEU, NATO, Council of Europe).
  • Learn about European citizenship.
  • Understand the decision-making processes and learn about the hierarchy of European norms, their primacy and direct effect (the relationship between EU law and national law).
  • Learn about free trade and discover the concepts of Freedom, Security and Justice in European Union law.
  • Consider the European Union's place in the world common foreign and security policy, defense policy, trade policy and humanitarian aid.


None. However it is recommended to have notions of law.


Cours en blended learning
Blended learning (Luxembourg)
180 €