Cours du soir C6040 - Introduction to the operating principles of an economy

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Anyone interested in learning more about the operating principles of an economy in a general perspective. A special focus will be placed on the Luxembourg economy, including examples and illustrations.


  • Know and understand the « economic problem » of a society and the goals of an economic system, whether traditional, centrally planned or mixed;
  • Know and understand the behavior of economic agents: households, financial and non-financial firms, governments, rest of the world;
  • Know and understand the flows of goods, services and money between economic decision makers (economic circuit);
  • Learn how to evaluate economic performance with the support of national accounts and related indicators;
  • Know the main economic indicators of a national economy (GDP, investment, inflation, unemployment, );
  • Know the basic principles of taxation and its contribution to the functioning of an economy;
  • Know the key characteristics of the Luxembourg economy.




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