Cours du soir C1635 - Java crash course for programmers

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Anyone wishing to learn Java using their knowledge of other programming languages. In this course the users are taught the core of Java language, which gives them a solid basis for learning more specific Java applications like Server Side programming, Android programming, Java Desktop programming.


  • Java overview. Environment setup.
  • Java syntax. Data types. Exceptions Handling.
  • Classes and Objects, Interfaces.
  • Inheritance, Overriding.
  • Introduction to Swing.
  • Multithreading.
  • Files and I/O, Using JDBC.
  • Networking, Clients and Servers, NIO (New Input Output).


None. However, participants should know the basic concepts of programming, data types, algorithms and be familiar with another programming language.


Il n'y a pas de cours de prévu dans les prochains jours.