Cours du soir C1310 - MS-Word essentials

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Anyone wishing to work with the basic features of a word processor.


  • Work with documents and save them in different file formats.
  • Create and edit small-sized word processing documents.
  • Structure a document correctly and know the basic rules for the detection of the structure by the word processor.
  • Check and correct spelling.
  • Improve the documents by choosing the appropriate formatting options.
  • Use existing styles of formatting.
  • Insert tables, images and drawn objects into documents.
  • Prepare documents for mail merge operations.
  • Adjust document page settings before finally printing documents.


It is recommended to complete the module « Office tools fundamentals » (C1300) prior to enroling for this course or proof of equivalent certified knowledge.


Participants are entitled to take the ICDL « Word processing » test free of charge.


Il n'y a pas de cours de prévu dans les prochains jours.