Cours du soir C6046 - Advanced project management

Public cible

Current project manager wishing to improve its knowledge, skills and competences in its projects management especially in complex project environments, or anyone willing to understand the environment and the challenges faced by the project manager.


  • Appreciate the complexity of a project: stakeholder's goals, geographical dispersion, diversity management and change management challenges.
  • Identify and analyze of the main groups involved in a project.
  • Get an overview of the current main projects models, methods, tools and understand their limits in complex project environments.
  • Improve common tools and methods to manage complex projects.
  • Understand the components, the objectives of a project quality management plan.
  • Understand the components, the objectives of the risk management process and its main pitfalls.


Successful completion of the module « Project management essentials » (C6025E) or proof of equivalent certified knowledge.


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