Cours du soir C1643 - Understanding and governance of information systems

Public cible

Anyone wishing to better understand the information system (IS) of one’s company, made up of computerised and non-computerised elements, in order to gather and map the processed data, and then put in place a governance ensuring the security of these data and the legal compliance of the processing. IT professionals seeking a better understanding of the legal obligations and jurists who want to improve their technical knowledge.


  • Understand the components of the information system of one's organization.
  • Establish the inventory of personal data processing.
  • Put in place and maintain the records of processing activities.
  • Comply with privacy by design and privacy by default.
  • Explain and accompany compliance of one's IS.
  • Establish the mapping of information flows: databases, software, paper documents, etc.
  • Set up the organizational and technical measures to ensure data are kept confidential and safe.
  • Adjust governance and measures to the different technologies.




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