Cours du soir C1645 - Ionic Framework - Mobile Apps with HTML,

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Anyone wishing to learn how to create mobile applications that work on multiple platforms i.e. iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad, ), Android, Windows Phone, using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. The objective of this course is learning how to write applications working on almost all mobile systems.


  • The concept of Cordova. Environment setup.
  • First Ionic application for Android and iOS.
  • Angular. Typescript.
  • Ionic UI components.
  • Accessing the device - storage, camera, media.
  • Ajax, Network connections.
  • Using other native plugins.
  • Creating a complex, multi platform application.


Successful completion of the module « Creating web pages with HTML and CSS » (C1601) and « User friendly web pages with JavaScript » (C1611) or proof of equivalent certified knowledge.


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