Séminaire S-IT0002 - Excel - core and essential features

Public cible

Anyone who wants to master the general and essential features of Excel or to pass the ICDL certification.


Obtain a global vision of the possibilities of handling the Excel spreadsheet in a professional environment. Participants will also be prepared to participate without difficulty in advanced and specialized courses about the Excel spreadsheet.


  • Working with sheets:
    • open, create and save workbooks;
    • select, insert and delete cells;
    • data types, series and custom lists;
    • find and replace contents, copy and move cells;
    • one level data sort;
    • customize options;
    • default file locations.
  • Basic formulas and functions:
    • calculating with cells;
    • use basic functions in calculations;
    • error message significations;
    • types of references;
    • basic content check with the help of the logical IF-function.
  • Formatting sheets:
    • the autoformat tool;
    • number and date format ;
    • font and alignment settings;
    • the format painter;
    • merge cells;
    • borders and special effects.
  • Creating charts:
    • 3 basic chart types;
    • add, remove and handle chart elements.
  • Page layout and printing:
    • basic page setup;
    • automatic fields in headers and footers;
    • print area selection.
  • Managing workbooks:
    • insert, delete, rename, copy and move sheets;
    • insert objects and use comments.


Cours en présentiel
220 €
Cours en présentiel
220 €