Séminaire S-ML0006 - Conscious Leader Training: Leadership styles, power of perception and emotions

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Managers, leaders and people willing to prepare for a future leadership role.


Be aware of core leadership competencies: leadership styles and their impact on the relationship between the leader and team member, awareness of biases and the influence they can have on the organization, awareness of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and its importance in the workplace.


  • Leader role and leadership styles: 
    • what makes a leader role important?
    • importance of trust in the relationship between leader and team member;
    • leadership styles; 
    • what is my natural leadership style?
    • which leadership style do I want to reinforce?
    • what is the level of development of my team members?
    • which leadership style did I use for specific team members in specific situations
    • which styles will I apply in similar situations in the future?
  • Perception: 
    • why my perception might differ from that of others?
    • what is bias?
    • how does human perception work?
    • what is my role as a leader in raising awareness about biases?
    • how can you work on your biases?
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EI):
    • what is EI? 
    • the evolution of EI;
    • why EI is so crucial in a leadership role.
  • Emotions:
    • what is an emotion?
    • the basic emotions;
    • understanding your own emotions;
    • understanding the emotions of your direct reports;
    • acceptance of your own emotions;
    • why awareness about emotions is important in the workplace.


This training program is composed of 4 parts and each of them can be taken independently. Conscious Leader Training - leadership styles, power of perception & emotions Conscious Leader Training - emotionally intelligent (EI) leader Conscious Leader Training - conflict resolution & coaching Conscious Leader Training - delegation skills & communicating around change


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