Séminaire S-ML0008 - Conscious Leader Training: Conflict resolution and coaching

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Managers, leaders and people willing to prepare for a future leadership role.


Enhance your credibility as a leader, by learning how to deal effectively, wisely in a conflict situation and learn the art of conversational coaching. This increases motivation through the gift of focused attention to colleagues and employees.


  • Conflict resolutions:
    • perception of conflict;
    • what are the main drivers of conflicts?
    • the reasons for avoiding conflicts?
    • what can happen when we ignore conflicts?
    • transactional analysis and its value in effective conflict resolution.
  • Coaching others:
    • what is coaching? 
    • when to coach? 
    • how to enhance credibility as a leader by coaching?
    • how the language we use affects understanding?
    • language patterns;
    • the power of good question;
    • the GROW model in theory and practice; 
    • the model T questioning in theory and practice;
    • precision questioning technique.
  • Notes

    This training program is composed of 4 parts and each of them can be taken independently. Conscious Leader Training - leadership styles, power of perception & emotions Conscious Leader Training - emotionally intelligent (EI) leader Conscious Leader Training - conflict resolution & coaching Conscious Leader Training - delegation skills & communicating around change


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