Séminaire S-ML0009 - Conscious Leader Training - delegation skills and communicating around change


Leaders or anyone willing to reinforce delegation skills and communicating within the change.


Enrich two important leadership skills. First one knowing when/how to use delegation and apply it as a great tool to motivate and develop people.

Learn about common people's behaviours during such events and how to respond effectively.


  • Effective delegation :
    • what is delegation ?
    • what stops leaders from delegating ?
    • what stops me from delegating ?
    • why delegate ?
    • when to delegate ?
    • what to delegate ?
    • how to delegate and to whom ?
    • what when mistake happen ?
    • how to create my delegation plan ?
    • importance of communication when delegating ;
    • how to monitor effectively and avoid micromanagement when delegating ?
  • Communicating around change :
    • stages of people behaviour in the change cycle ;
    • the role of the leader in the change ;
    • how to deal with the resistance to change ;
    • how to communicate change effectively ?


This training program is composed of 4 parts and each of them can be taken independently. Conscious Leader Training - leadership styles, power of perception & emotions Conscious Leader Training - emotionally intelligent (EI) leader Conscious Leader Training - conflict resolution & coaching Conscious Leader Training - delegation skills & communicating around change


Cours en présentiel
220 €