Séminaire S-FC0017 - Advanced Lux GAAP : financial and non-financial reporting disclosures, including rights and commitments


Professionals looking for a training that provides a working knowledge on F/S under Lux GAAP.


Give a comprehensive review of Lux GAAP, based on a detailed analysis of its local sources. The purpose is to deal more efficiently with a principles-based set of accounting rules where a detailed guidance is not easily accessible (legal commentaries being in French only) and its lacking for certain items.


  • Impact of the classification of the undertaking on the level of reporting disclosures.
  • Financial disclosures :
    • Influences of the general accounting principles ;
    • Requirements of section 8  of the Accouting law (art. 65 seq.) ;
    • Requirements of related articles existing in other sections of the Accounting law ;
    • Requirements of other laws and regulations.
  • How to deal with a legal requirement expressed in general terms/the absence of accounting best practice ?
  • Comprehensive review of the rights and commitments :
    • Guarrantees, pledges and similar collaterals ;
    • Technical guarantees ;
    • Commitments to the benefits of the undertaking's bodies; for the purchase of fixed assets; etc. ;
    • Finance lease ;
    • Forward contracts ;
    • Option contracts ;
    • Other rights and commitments.
  • Comprehensive review of the related party transactions.
  • Non-financial disclosures: elements existing in :
    • the notes to the annual accounts ;
    • the management report ;
    • the payments to governements report.
  • Illustrative examples will be used to set up an interactive discussion.


A course session is available in French (with the same course material in English).


Cours en présentiel
220 €