Séminaire S-FC0014 - Advanced Lux GAAP : practicing the new Standard Chart of Accounts, the "PCN"


Professionals looking for a working knowledge on compliance and accounting based on "PCN 2020".


Provide a practical analysis of the changes generated by the 2020 SCA, and understand their impacts on Lux GAAP accounting treatments (mandatory or not). Such knowledge should also allow the attendant to manage the impacts of the SCA on the statutory F/S.


  • Update on the sectoral and individual filing exemptions for the Standard Chart of Accounts (SCA).
  • The legal and regulatory background of the 2020 SCA.
  • The making of the new SCA  and the available explanatory materials.
  • The related eCDF electronic documents.
  • The accounting treatments 
    • The recommended or preferred accounting treaments derived from the new SCA
    • The implicit accounting treatments derived from the structure of the annual accounts and of the SCA's mappimg table
  • The course will focus on illustrative examples, showing accounting entries as before and as after the change of SCA:
    • acquisition cost of assets;
    • gain/loss on disposals of intangible and tangible assets;
    • idem, for the financial fixed assets and financial current assets (including derivatives);
    • non-distributable reserves;
    • result of the year;
    • investment subsidies;
    • tax provisions and tax liabilities;
    • deferred taxes;
    • financial liabilities;
    • turnover accounts
    • changes in the sub-section raw materials and consumables and in the sub-section other external expenses
    • staff costs;
    • other operating income/expenses ;
    • deferred taxes;
    • classification of financial income and expenses.
  • Tracking the non-recurremt items in the new SCA (and the reason why).


A course session is available in French (with the same course material in English).


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