Séminaire S-IT0034 - NDG Linux Essentials


This seminar is aimed for candidates who want to learn the fundamentals of Linux.


As one of the most successful open source collaborations, Linux has evolved into the most reliable operating system on the planet. It's used for embedded systems to virtually all supercomputers for a good reason.  Nearly every IT job requires some Linux knowledge. NDG Linux Essentials quickly builds your Linux knowledge and prepares you for the LPI Linux Essentials Professional Development Certificate (PDC), your proof to employers that you know Linux! Many concepts in this course are covered at a more demanding pace in NDG Linux I.  No prerequisites required for this course.


Candidates will learn these core skills :

  • Acquire open source concepts and progressively master Linux commands.
  • Understand how Linux is used and the basics of its command line.
  • Become skilled at using the Linux virtual machine for experiments.
  • Prepare for LPI Linux Essentials Professional Development Certificate (PDC).


Aligns with the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Linux essentials professional development certificate.


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