Séminaire S-IT0035 - CLA : programming essentials in C


Anyone who would like to learn the universal concepts of computer programming, as well as the syntax, semantics and data types of C language needed for entry-level programming.


Provide the fundamentals of programming through the C language. Candidates will learn the basic logics to create simple programs and applications in C. They will also understand program structures that they can easily adept to any programming language in the future.


  • Introduction to computer programming.
  • Data types, their operations and basics of flow control.
  • Flow control (continued), more data types and computer logic.
  • Aggregating data into arrays.
  • Arrays vs. structures: different aggregates for different purposes.
  • Functions.
  • Connecting to the real world: files and streams.
  • Preprocessor and declarations.



Aligns with CLA C Programming Language Certified Associate Certification.


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