Séminaire S-IT0057 - The Scrum Framework


Project managers, product managers as well as architects, developers and quality assurance specialists looking to implement a simple approach that contains all benefits of the agile development.


  • Understand the concept of uncertain environments.
  • Understand the links and differences between Agile and Scrum.
  • Transpose the principles carried by the Agile manifesto within the Scrum Framework.
  • Understand the difference between method and framework.
  • Master the fundamentals of the framework and how to implement them .
  • Be able to support a project team with Scrum.
  • Understand and take on the role of Scrum Master and his position as Servant Leader.
  • Understand and take on the role of a Product Owner.
  • Manage development requests (Backlog, Epics, User Stories, Tasks, ...).
  • Prepare to Take your first Scrum certification.
  • Be able to facilitate a retrospective.
  • Manage team indicators.


  • History of agility.
  • Analysis of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.
  • The Scrum Framework in detail.
  • The Backlog and its content in detail.
  • Agile estimation methods.
  • Plan and monitor a Master Scrum : organization, indicators, production, etc.
  • The role of the Master Srum : the servant leader.
  • The role of the Product Owner : the value Optimizer.
  • The role of the developer.
  • Scrum and other roles : architects, databaser administrators, analysts, testers, etc.
  • IT: UX/ UI in the Scrum Cycle.
  • IT: Frontend and Backend development in Scrum.
  • Exercises.


Cours en présentiel
440 €
Cours en présentiel
440 €
Cours en présentiel
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440 €