Séminaire S-ML0020 - Designing and delivering training programmes


Employees, independent workers or people looking for a job (use special promotion code -JOB- when contacting us). It concerns private workers and public workers.


Provide you with the main keys to designing training and education programmes, efficient material that is suited to trainees' needs and formative and summative assessment instruments. Your EVAtraining trainer will outline the different delivery techniques (abacus, envelope, fridge, cloud,) that you will get to familiarize with by creating the training course with him/her. By reusing your resources and exploiting the rich material available, you will take critical distance from your design and delivery practices with a view to boosting your originality and efficiency.


  • Know how to transform authentic material into teaching material
  • Know how to use the different training delivery techniques
  • Know how to catch an audience's attention
  • Know how to design and explain a training programme
Méthodes pédagogiques

Thorough analysis of initial level and learning needs, inductive and deductive approaches, quizzes, role-plays.


Cours en présentiel
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220 €
Cours en présentiel
220 €