Cours du soir C7010 - Road Haulage

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This course is aimed at people who would like to take on a job as a dispatcher in the world of road transport. As an operator, or in one of the various functions at a logistics service provider.


  • Acquiring the knowledge of the specific characteristics, contractual relationships and particular features of the actors involved in road transport.
  • Developing the knowledge of the technical differences of the various trucks, as well as the related legal regulations.
  • Developing the necessary expertise of the European regulations on driving and rest times for optimal planning of vehicle deployment.
  • Developing the necessary technical knowledge of load calculation for optimal utilisation of vehicles within the framework of legal regulations.
  • Acquiring the basics for a realistic cost calculation of the use of a commercial vehicle.
  • Teaching the relevant legal aspects of transport planning, by using practical examples from the daily reality.


Successful completion of the module « Overview on the logistics sector » (C7000E) or proof of equivalent certified knowledge.


Cours en présentiel
180 €