Cours du soir C7011 - Air Transport

Public cible

Anyone wishing to take up a position in the air transport world, as an operator or in the warehouse of a cargo airport, in order to integrate the different services that operate within the group of players present.


  • Know the characteristics and specificities of air transport: the different actors and entities that govern this mode of transport, the activities and professions involved.
  • Understand the economic needs of companies and foreign trade.
  • Master the technical distinctions of the main aircraft and all the equipment necessary for the management of this activity.
  • Assimilate the different calculation techniques to optimise air transport.
  • Know the specificities of products that travel by air.
  • Understand the regulatory constraints depending on the nature of the goods, the airlines and the countries.
  • Know the specific jargon and English vocabulary.


Successful completion of the module « Overview on the logistics sector » (C7000E) or proof of equivalent certified knowledge.


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