Séminaire CYBER1002 - Cybersecurity Essentials

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Anyone who wants to have a more advanced knowledge of cybercrime, security principles, technologies and procedures used to defend networks or wish to acquire the necessary basis to prepare certifications to consider a career in one of the specialties of cybersecurity.


This course covers essential knowledge for all cybersecurity domains, including information security, systems security, network security, ethics and laws, and defense and mitigation techniques used to protect corporate networks.

This course provides learners with a hands-on experience of installing, managing, and debugging information security gadgets, as well as participating in Infosec inspections.

The course begins with the fundamental principles and terminologies of cybersecurity before moving on to more advanced topics like information security and data confidentiality.

This course also includes portions that educate about various cybersecurity tools like NetFlow, Metasploit, Wireshark, Nmap, Kali Linux, Lynis, and Cisco Packet Tracer, as well as how to use them to improve critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.


Candidates will learn these core skills:

  • Know the Cyber-security Industry, overview of Cyber-security in Finance and Telecommunications.
  • Understand security principles and how to develop security policies that comply with cybersecurity laws.
  • Know malware and how to protect yourself.
  • Plan strategic and architectural cyber security.
  • Determine procedures to implement data confidentiality, integrity, availability and security controls on networks, servers and applications.
  • Defend against global threats.



To enroll in this course, candidates must first have taken the « Introduction to Cybersecurity » course or an equivalent course, or have passed a test to validate the skills needed to take this course.


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