Séminaire CLOUD1002 - CompTIA Cloud +

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Anyone who wants to advance an already-established cloud career with at least two to three years of hands-on experience in system administration or networking, storage or data center technology. CompTIA Cloud+ is a mid-level career certification designed for the technical professional filling a multi-disciplinary role.


CompTIA Cloud+ assures that the professional has the theoretical and practical technical knowledge to ensure a safe, efficient but secure cloud environment. They can anticipate many security flaws on the cloud infrastructure and mitigate them before an incident occurs by adopting a defense-in-depth strategy with robust security protocols to protect resources.

This makes it a great foundational cloud certification that pairs well with any vendor-specific cloud computing certification.

The certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as meeting the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17024 Standard. One of the main differences with other available certifications is that CompTIA Cloud+ is performance and job-role-based and covers cloud technologies across all vendors and solutions. Moreover, it creates a solid foundation for an AWS, Google Cloud Professional or Microsoft Azure certification that will support the high availability of business systems and data.


Candidates will learn these core skills:

  • Know the fundamental cloud technologies and concepts and key elements of cloud architecture and design.
  • Deploy cloud services and solutions.
  • Maintain, secure and optimize cloud environments.
  • Optimize security within the cloud.
  • Troubleshoot common issues related to cloud management.
  • Drive automation and virtualization, including approaches such as continuous deployment and integration.
  • Prepare for CVO-003 Certification.



The addition of CompTIA Cloud+ to DoD 8570.01-M offers an exciting new opportunity for systems administrators and cloud engineers to certify their skills and the knowledge needed to implement and secure virtualization.

As companies continue to migrate their data to the cloud, they are looking to hire qualified IT professionals who can deploy, optimize and protect mission critical applications and data storage in multi-cloud environments.

Jobs that fit this certification like:
- Cloud Practitioner
- Cloud Developer
- Cloud Specialist
- System Engineer
- Cloud Project Manager
- Cloud Engineer
- Cloud Computing Services
- Senior Network Engineer
- Senior System Administrator
- Business Analyst
- Data Center SANs
- SOC Manager


To enroll in this course, candidates must first have taken the « CompTIA Cloud Essentials +” course or an equivalent course or have passed a test to validate the skills needed to take this course.


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