Cours du soir C3048 - Value added tax

Public cible

Anyone wishing to understand the mechanisms of VAT.


  • Understand the general history and mechanisms of VAT.
  • Learn the 5 major concepts of VAT : the taxable person, the taxable operation, the place of supply, exemption and the person responsible for VAT.
  • Distinguish between the supply of goods and the supply of services.
  • Understand the principal VAT exemptions and VAT rates in Luxembourg.
  • Understand concepts linked to the person responsible for VAT, including the chargeable event and taxable basis.
  • Understand the processes for VAT recovery.
  • Learn how VAT applies domestically or across borders, including on particular transactions : sale of goods, Real Estate and Financial Services.
  • Description of the administrative procedures and compliance obligations related to VAT.




Candidates must attend at least 10 sessions in order to be allowed to sit the exam.


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