Cours du soir C5036 - Self confidence

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Anyone wishing to understand the mechanism of self-confidence through the analysis of their internal way of functioning when facing not only various events but also different people. This course will permit you to turn restrictive emotions of doubt and negativity into energizing and positive emotions.


  • Define self confidence.
  • Identify the levels of self confidence.
  • Know the limitations of self confidence and know how to identify and respond them.
  • Understand what is holding you back from projects and desires realisation.
  • Understand the source of shyness.
  • Learn how to overcome fear of failure.
  • Be comfortable at every moment and in all circumstances.
  • Have a positive self-image and learn how to transform negative perceptions into positive ones.




It is crucial to follow the sessions in order to pass the exam.


Cours en blended learning
Blended learning (Luxembourg)
180 €