Séminaire S-DP0015 - Emotional Intelligence (EI)

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Anyone wishing to increase his/her awareness of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and develop its competences.


Recognize the basic elements of Emotional Intelligence (EI), identify the skills and behaviors associated with emotional competences.
Explore and reflect on your own personal and social elements of EI, you will gain knowledge and skills on how to start consciously reinforcing them on an ongoing basis.


  • Emotional Intelligence (EI):
    • what is EI?
    • the evolution of EI;
    • why EI is so crucial in today's society?
  • The emotion:
    • what is an emotion?
    • the basic emotions;
    • the role of your emotions in your behaviour;
    • understanding your own emotions;
    • understanding the emotions of others.
  • Personal elements of EI:
    • self-awareness: emotional awareness, self-assessment, self-esteem, and self-confidence;
    • self-regulation: self-control, adaptability, and transparency;
    • motivation.
  • Social elements of EI:
    • empathy: active listening, the importance of body language and tonality, elements of empathic communication;  
    • social skills: building rapport with others, cooperating with others, managing relationships, socializing with people of different mindsets.
  • Self-assessment:
    • How to increase emotional competence through self-awareness and self-regulation;
    • How to increase emotional competence through social awareness and social skills.
  • Sessions

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