Séminaire S-DP0015 - Emotional Intelligence (EI)

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Anyone wishing to increase awareness of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and develop competences in this field.


  • Recognize the basic elements of Emotional Intelligence (EI), identify the skills and behaviors associated with emotional competences.
  • Explore and reflect on your own personal and social elements of EI.
  • You will gain knowledge and skills on how to start consciously reinforcing them on an ongoing basis.


  • Emotional Intelligence (EI):
    • what is EI?
    • the evolution of EI;
    • why is EI so crucial in today's society?
  • The emotion:
    • what is an emotion?
    • basic emotions;
    • the role of your emotions in your behaviour;
    • understanding your own emotions;
    • understanding the emotions of others.
  • Personal elements of EI:
    • self-awareness: emotional awareness, self-assessment, self-esteem, and self-confidence;
    • self-regulation: self-control, adaptability, and transparency;
    • motivation.
  • Social elements of EI:
    • empathy: active listening, the importance of body language and tonality, elements of empathic communication;  
    • social skills: building rapport with others, cooperating with others;
    • managing relationships, socializing with people of different mindsets.
  • Self-assessment:
    • how to increase emotional competence through self-awareness and self-regulation;
    • how to increase emotional competence through social awareness and social skills.


Cours en présentiel
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