Séminaire S-DP0016 - Building and reinforcing assertiveness skills


Anyone willing to build and reinforce assertiveness skills.


Understand assertive behaviour and how it differs from aggressive and passive behaviour. Assertiveness is a journey, which requires engagement and practice.

Analyze what stops you from being assertive, gain knowledge and skills how to start changing it and respond in accordance with your inner needs and standards.


  • Awareness part :
    • characteristics of different behaviours ;
    • is our behaviour in certain circumstances automated ?
    • conscious response versus automated reaction ;
    • what is the assertive behaviour ?
    • what are the benefits of assertive behaviour ?
    • how can we recognize assertive behaviour ?
    • what is the difference between being assertive and being arrogant ?
    • what are the benefits of interacting with an assertive individual ? 
    • what are the benefits of communicating assertively ? 
    • the different types of aggressive communication behaviour ;
    • disadvantages of aggressive behaviour ;
    • body language and tone of the voice associated with behaviours ;
    • workplace and assertiveness.
  • Self-discovery part :
    • what stops me from being assertive ?
    • consequences of unassertive behaviour ;
    • how can I give myself the right to be assertive ?
    • how can I voice my needs, dreams with inner confidence and respect towards others ?
    • to what do I want to say No and how can I do it assertively ?
    • how can I respond assertively when feeling pressure ?
    • how can I respond assertively when facing aggressive individuals ? 
    • opening yourself to compliments ;
    • opening yourself to the constructive negative feedback ;
    • living with my own standards and agreement with myself.


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