Cours du soir C1630 - Using Java on the server site: Servlets and Java Server Pages


Anyone wishing to develop dynamic, enterprise-class Web applications using Java on the server site.


  • Server site programming concept - Servlet and JSP technology.
  • Installing and configuring a servlet container.
  • Servlet basics.
  • Client requests - Server response.
  • Processing HTML forms.
  • JavaServer Pages : JSP.
  • JavaBeans components in JSP and sessions in Servlets and JSP.
  • Servlets and JSP how to integrate MVC Architecture and using JDBC.


It is recommended to complete the module « Le langage Java : partie 1 » (C1040) and « Le langage Java : partie 2 » (C1041) prior to enroling for this course or proof of equivalent certified knowledge.


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