Cours du soir C7004 - Basic guide to exporting-importing (in a fast-moving global market)

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Anyone wishing to acquire knowledge and develop skills on the management of import or export operations from the commercial and technical point of view, in order to get started. Finance Department / Executives and Employees. Sales Management Department / Executives and Employees. Sales or Sourcing Department / Executives and Employees.


  • Understanding the fundaments of export ou import operations to increase your chances of success.
  • Mastering the basics of Incoterms® to know when and how to use them.
  • Building an efficient export (or import) marketing plan to identify your potential clients (or suppliers).
  • Delivering/receiving your order and making sure to be properly insured.
  • Understanding the main components of an (export or import) customs declaration.
  • Issuing knowingly a proper invoice and securing the international payments.
  • Understanding the main export/import documentation.
  • Keeping a watch on recent trends.




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