Cours du soir C1644 - Spring Boot: Java on the server site

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Anyone wishing to develop dynamic, enterprise-class Web applications using Java on the server site. The objective of this course is learning how to use Java on the server site. We concentrate on the Spring Boot.


  • Server site programming concept.
  • Installing and configuring Spring Boot. Basics of Maven.
  • MVC Architecture concept. Generating of an application.
  • Controllers,  views, models in Spring Boot.
  • Thymeleaf.
  • Processing HTML forms.
  • Accessing Data with JPA.
  • Authentication and authorisation.


Successful completion of the module « Java crush course for programmers » (C1635E) or « Le langage Java: partie 1 » (C1040) and « Le langage Java: partie 2 » (C1041) or proof of equivalent certified knowledge.


Il n'y a pas de cours de prévu dans les prochains jours.