Séminaire CLOUD2005 - Microsoft 365: Security Administration

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Anyone who wants to implement, manage, and monitor identity, governance, storage, compute, and virtual networks in a cloud environment and those who wish to learn how to administer Microsoft 365 including provisioning, provisioning, monitoring and tuning resources as needed.


This training is designed to teach you how to secure user access to your organization's resources.

It covers user password protection, multi-factor authentication, enabling Azure Identity Protection, configuring and using Azure AD Connect, and introduces you to conditional access in Microsoft 365.

You will also learn about threat protection technologies that help protect your Microsoft 365 environment. Specifically, you'll learn about threat vectors and Microsoft's security solutions to mitigate threats. Finally, you will learn about Secure Score, Exchange Online protection, Azure Advanced Threat Protection, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection and threat management.

In this course, you will learn the information protection technologies that help secure your Microsoft 365 environment. The course covers information rights managed content, message encryption, and labels, policies and rules that support data loss prevention and information protection.

Finally, you will learn about archiving and retention in Microsoft 365 as well as data governance and how to search and investigate content.

This course prepares you for the Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate (MS-500) certification.


Candidates will learn these core skills:

  • Administer user and group security.
  • Plan and implement Azure AD Connect and manage synchronized identities.
  • Plan the implementation of federated identities.
  • Use Microsoft Secure Score to assess security.
  • Use the various advanced protection services for Microsoft 365.
  • Implement Azure information protection for Microsoft 365 and Windows information protection for devices.
  • Plan and deploy a data archiving and retention system in compliance with GDPR obligations.
  • Prepare for MS-500 certification.



For a beginner in the Microsoft 365 administrator role as a beginner in MS 365 administration, you will gradually focus on upgrading your roles to the next level, so this certification helps you a lot.

If you have enough exposure to Microsoft 365 administration and a hybrid environment.

You can move your career into security administration by taking this course and passing the MS-500 exam.

If you are a Microsoft 365 security administrator and have good experience in Microsoft 365 security administration, then this MS-500 exam can assess your hard-earned skills and provide you with an industry accepted certification.


To enroll in this course, candidates must first have taken the «Microsoft Azure fundamentals” course or an equivalent course or have passed a test to validate the skills needed to take this course.


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