Séminaire S-BA0011 - Sustainable investments: The choices over where we put our money

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Financial Intermediaries professionals.


Considering the financial system as the bloodstream, essential to the proper functioning of the economy, sustainable finance becomes an obvious pathway for many of us. What could be more logical than to associate oneself with a "raison d'être", to deploy a social licence in parallel with financial ambitions. A multitude of financial players have committed to integrating sustainable related issues, and in particular climate issues, into their investment strategy and the finance professions are evolving as a result. Faced with these challenges, it is also clear that each of us needs to acquire new scientific, technical, and economic knowledge.


  • Sustainable Development Foundation.
  • Connecting the dots with economy and financial markets.
  • Grasp financial intermediaries’ role.
  • Navigate the EU Action plan on sustainable finance.
  • Sustainable investment strategies & methodologies.
  • Clients’ interaction on sustainable investment.


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