Cours du soir C6036 - The project management tools

Public cible

Anyone wishing to acquire the basic problem-solving tools and approach applied to processes or who has taken the project management course.


  • Master problem-solving tools and being able to pragmatically apply them.
  • Deepen complements of knowledge in the follow-up of a project.
  • Understand the logic of improving a process.
  • Learn teambuilding spirit.
  • Understand the value of visual communication and its fundamental keys.
  • Understand the basics of Lean and 6 sigma methodologies.


Successful completion of the modules «Project management essentials » (C6025) or proof of equivalent certified knowledge.


How to do when a project is late, and there is no additional budget or time? The tools learned in this module provide a complement to the project manager in the field of improving a process. Process in general and project management in particular.


Cours en blended learning
Blended learning (Luxembourg)
180 €