Many English-speaking employees are faced with language and subject matter challenges when it comes to training.

The Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Centre will offer a wider selection of courses in English.

In order to ensure the quality of these courses, the LLLC is strengthening its teaching teams with experts selected based on their professional and linguistic skills.

The ambition of the LLLC is to enlarge constantly its offer.

Evening classes

Our evening courses count more than 80 modules delivered in English.

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University program

  • Master Financial Analysis & Strategy in collaboration with the University of Rennes II (FR)

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  • Master MTECH Technopreneurship in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg and ILNAS

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Tailor-made seminars for companies

All our seminars can be organised as in-house seminars.

Further seminars tailored to your individual needs can be designed upon request.

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All our certifications are available in English.

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Terms and conditions

Article 1 – Registration

There are two types of registrations for evening courses. Standard registration includes registration for classes as well as for the exam. Exam registration registers you for the exam only and excludes course attendance.

For pedagogical reasons, registrations are limited to four courses per semester. The Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center of the Chambre des salariés (hereafter designated as the LLLC) may, under certain circumstances, authorise registration for an additional course.

You can either register online at or fill in the registration form and deliver it in person or send it by mail, fax or email to the LLLC, no later than 14 calendar days prior to the beginning of the course. Exam registrations must be received by the LLLC no later than one month prior to the exam date. Registration requests shall be processed within one week following reception.

To register online, you must set up a user account with the LLLC. By doing so, you acknowledge and accept the general terms and conditions of participation.

Article 2 – Admission to courses

The LLLC reserves the right to reject a registration request if the maximum number of candidates per class or the maximum number of registrations per semester has been reached, or for any other reason, notably when prerequisite requirements are not met. All decisions taken by the LLLC in this matter are final.

One or several prerequisite courses may be required to register for a module. In the event that a prerequisite module is merely recommended, successful completion of the latter is an advantage, but not a requirement. In all other cases, your registration will only be validated if you have passed the required prerequisite module(s), or if you can submit proof that you have gained equivalent skills and knowledge through training or (extra)professional experience. All requests for exemption from (a) prerequisite(s) must be submitted in writing and accompanied by supporting documentation. The LLLC will review requests and take a decision at its own discretion. Exemption from a prerequisite module doesn’t entitle you to a certificate for this module, but it allows you to enrol in a given course.

If you do not meet the prerequisite(s) at registration, your registration will be maintained for two weeks to allow you to produce the required documentation for an exemption of the prerequisite(s). Failing this, the LLLC reserves the right to cancel your registration in order to avoid blocking seats unnecessarily. This is not applicable to candidates currently attending prerequisite modules and awaiting examination results.

If your registration request is approved by the LLLC, you will receive a final course confirmation as soon as the minimum number of participants for the module has been reached.

Article 3 – Waiting list

If the module of your choice is fully booked, you can register free of charge on a waiting list. If a seat becomes available, you will be informed by email and directed to a link where you can either register for the module or withdraw your registration request. If you fail to register for the seat within 7 calendar days, it will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. If no seat becomes available, your registration will remain on the waiting list until the next session.

Article 4 – Payment terms

The fees for the training cours may be subject to change.

The candidate is required to pay the registration fee in accordance with the instructions on the invoice.

If you fail to pay registration fees, you are not/no longer authorised to attend classes or the exam and you are not/ no longer entitled to receive certificates, exam results or written communications relating to the course. The Chambre des salariés will take legal action to recover registration fees in return for damages and interest.

Staff representatives and unemployed job seekers may request a reduction of registration fees provided they supply proof of their status within 30 days of their date of registration to the LLLC.

Article 5 – Cancellation of courses by the LLLC

The LLLC reserves the right to cancel a training course on the grounds of low registrations, force majeure, unavailability of instructors or on any other grounds. In this case, registration fees paid will be reimbursed and you will be notified as soon as possible.

The LLLC offers different training formulas (evening/day courses in the classroom, blended learning or distance learning). In the case of insufficient registrations, the LLLC will offer participants the option of joining the formula with the most registrations. The LLLC reserves the right to cancel the classes offered in the other formulas.

Article 6 – Course withdrawal

All course withdrawals must be notified in writing to the LLLC. You may withdraw from a course without penalty within 14 days of registration (withdrawal period).

After this period, the LLLC reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee as follows:

› for standard registrations:

  • 30 €, if withdrawal is notified less than 14 calendar days prior to the beginning of the course
  • the entire registration fee, if withdrawal is notified on or after the course start date

› for exam registrations:

  • 30 €, if withdrawal is notified less than 14 calendar days prior to the exam date
  • the entire registration fee, if withdrawal is notified on or after the day of the exam

In the event of registration within 14 days of the start of the training course, the candidate agrees that the course may begin before the expiry of the withdrawal period. Therefore, by accepting these terms and conditions, the candidate is only entitled to a full refund in the event of withdrawal before the start of the course. Once the training course has started, the refund will be proportional to the part of the course not taken, if any.

In exceptional and duly justified cases (serious illness, accident, etc.), the LLLC may fully reimburse registration fees. Decisions taken by the LLLC in this matter are final and without reasoning.

Article 7 – Course instructiors and course content

The content of the course programme, any list of course instructors, and the course programme in the publication or on the website are subject to change until the start of the training course.

Article 8 – Time and location of courses

The exact location, dates and schedule of a course will be notified several days prior to the beginning of the course, once the payment of the registration fee has been received.

Article 9 – Technical facilities

The Chambre des salariés cannot be held responsible for any defects occurring on premises that it does not own (such as liability for IT equipment, etc.).

Article 10 – Course attendance

Course attendance is not a prerequisite for admission to the exam unless otherwise stated in the course description.

Article 11 – Course materials

Course materials are subject to copyright and are reserved for the exclusive use of students registered for courses and/or exams. It is prohibited to reproduce or disclose them in part or in total.

Course material is delivered in digital format on the training platform: Moodle.lllc.

It will be available 1 day before the start of the training course and for the duration of your course, until 2 weeks after the final exam.

Article 12 – Information relating to courses

You can choose to receive information relating to courses by post or by email. Certificates and diplomas, as well as exam results, will be sent to you by post.

Article 13 – Exams

You must show up for exams on the date and time set by the exam commission according to the notice sent by the LLLC.

Article 14 – Passing a module

To pass a module, you must score at least 30 points out of 60 in the exam. If you meet this requirement, you will be awarded a certificate stating one of the following: “Excellent” (52 – 60 points), “Very good” (48 – 51 points), “Good” (40 – 47 points), “Pass” (36-39 points) or « ordinary pass »(30-35 points).

The results are validated by an exam commission made up of representatives of the Ministry of Education. The decision of the exam commission is final.

The decision of the exam commission may be subject to an action of annulment before the administrative court of and in Luxembourg by a representation of a barrister within three months of notification of the result.

Article 15 – Completing a training profile

Students who meet requirements for successful completion of a training profile, i.e. a training cycle including compulsory and optional modules, are awarded a diploma. For each training profile, specific requirements are set forth in the description of the training profile.

You may request an exemption from a module included in a training profile. To do so, you need to submit proof that you have gained equivalent skills and knowledge through training or (extra)professional experience. All requests for exemption from a module must be submitted in writing and accompanied by supporting documentation. The LLLC will review requests and take a decision at its own discretion.

You may be granted a maximum of 2 exemptions per training profile. Exemption from a module doesn’t entitle you to a certificate for this module, but the module will count towards the training profile. A granted exemption cannot be used as optional module for the completion of a training profile.

If you already hold a diploma from the LLLC’s evening course programme and if you are seeking to obtain an additional diploma, you must in all cases pass all the compulsory modules of the additional training profile.
Furthermore, each module may only be used once as an “optional module” towards a new profile.

The modules acquired through our evening course program remain acquired without time limit. However, with regard to the subject, its technicality and evolutions, the candidate may be asked to provide evidence of his knowledge updates and practice. The CSL reserves the right to accept or to refuse to take it into account in the context of the request of its evening courses or day courses diploma.

Article 16 – DEPFC

You will be awarded a “Diplôme d’Etudes Professionnelles en Formation continue (DEPFC)” if you successfully complete the training profiles making up the DEPFC.

Article 17 – Data protection

Please take note of all your rights regarding the protection of your personal data on

Article 18 – Image rights

By accepting these terms and conditions, you authorise the CSL to publish pictures in which you can be personally identified (mostly during our graduation ceremonies) on the CSL and LLLC websites, on social networks used by the CSL as well as in other publications of the CSL.

Article 19 – Responsibility

The LLLC declines all responsibility in the event of accident, theft or damage.