At a glance

DURATION 9 full days spread over 1.5 months

70 hours of blended learning courses

  • 58,5 hours of classroom training
  • 11,5 hours of e-learning
NEXT SESSION 19 April 2024
COURSE SCHEDULE 9am – 4:30pm
LOCATION Luxembourg
CERTIFICATION Certificate of completion and statement of attendance

This course prepares you for the industry-recognized « DEVASC 200-901 » certification.

Registration fee for the « DEVASC 200-901 » certification exam: 264 €


  • have successfully completed the « CCNA Intro to Networks » course and « Programming Essentials in Python » course or an equivalent course
  • have passed the entrance test to this course
REGISTRATION FEES 600 € (lunch included)


Develop the software skills needed to become a critical part of today’s IT teams. You’ll learn best practices for modern software development, DevOps, and how to safely interact with application programming interfaces (APIs) to automate existing manual processes with just a few lines of code.

In fact, you’ll learn about microservices, testing, containers, and DevOps, as well as securely automating infrastructure with application programming interfaces (APIs).

You’ll develop programming skills in Python, use of GIT and common data formats (JSON, XML, and YAML), deploying applications as containers, using continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, and automating infrastructure with code.

Target audience and admission requirements

Target audience

IT Team members, network technicians or engineers, software developers.

Admission requirements

To enroll in this course, candidates must first have taken the « CCNA Intro to Networks » course and « Programming essentials in Python » course or an equivalent course or have passed a test to validate the skills needed to take this course.

Organisation and programme


The training lasts approximately 70 hours, including 58.5 hours of classroom training and 11.5 hours of e-learning.

Training hours: 9am – 4:30pm.

The pedagogical method emphasizes on the know-how as well as on the skills. It aims to develop, thanks to the transversal approach and the alternating system, the knowledge and greater autonomy essential to their professional practice.

This training combines theoretical contributions and practical exercises in the laboratory, as well as in e-learning on the Cisco Networking Academy platform.

What is provided in addition to the classroom course?

  • Access to training platform;
  • Hands-on labs in the classroom;
  • Online hands-on labs with “Packet-Tracer”;
  • Certificate of completion – Badge;
  • CSL proof of completion.
9 sessions

70h blended learning
(9am – 4:30pm)
  • Session 1 : 19/04/2024
  • Session 2 : 26/04/2024
  • Session 3 : 03/05/2024
  • Session 4 : 10/05/2024
  • Session 5 : 17/05/2024
  • Session 6 : 24/05/2024
  • Session 7 : 07/06/2024
  • Session 8 : 14/06/2024
  • Session 9 : 21/06/2024



Candidates will learn these core skills:

  • Use basic Python programming and Linux skills;
  • Implement a development environment using DevNet resources;
  • Use software development and design best practices;
  • Create a secure REST API;
  • Explain the processes and devices that support network connectivity;
  • Use current technologies to deploy and secure applications and data in a cloud environment;
  • Compare software testing and deployment methods in automation and simulation environments;
  • Compare platforms used for collaboration, infrastructure management, and automation;
  • Develop skills for entry-level software development and infrastructure automation jobs;
  • Prepare for DEVASC 200-901 certification.


Upon successful completion of all sessions, the candidate will receive a certificate of completion and a statement of attendance.

This second course prepares you for the industry-recognized « DEVASC 200-901 » certification, which attests to your competence in a specific technology area.

Registration fee for the « DEVASC 200-901 » certification exam: 264 €.

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600 €

General terms and conditions

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