What is required in the monthly payroll statement?

The employer must give his employees a monthly statement indicating the following:

  • the method of calculating the salary;
  • the period worked;
  • the total number of hours worked corresponding to the wage paid;
  • the rate of pay for the hours worked;
  • any other benefits in cash or in kind.

This requirement applies to all employees. In contrast, this rule does not apply to agricultural servants or domestic servants who are not in full-time employment.

When must the employer pay a salary?

Wages must be paid monthly, at the latest on the last day of the relevant calendar month.

In case of legitimate and urgent needs, employees can obtain advance payment of the part of the salary corresponding to work performed.

Wage supplements shall be paid no later than two months after the end of the year of service, the end of the business year or after determination of the results of the business year.

If an employment contract is terminated, the law obliges the employer to give the employee the statement of account and to pay him the remuneration still due within five days from the end of the contract.

What is the statute of limitations for wages?

If an employer fails to voluntarily fulfil his obligation to pay a salary (total lack of payment or partial payment), employees must go to court to recover these arrears.

Rights of an employee to the payment expire after years, which means that all compensation claimed for periods earlier than three years from the date of the application to the court can no longer be applied for. They are therefore lost to the employee.

The three-year statute of limitations applies not only to wages as such, but also to all kinds of remuneration due to the employee.