Can an employee work on Sunday?

In principle, employees are not permitted to work on Sundays. However, the law provides for exceptions to this principle. One example of an exception is urgent work.

Similarly, a company agreement may also make an exception for Sunday work bans when work is organised in successive shifts in a continuous cycle.

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What extra pay is applicable for Sunday work?

Hours worked on a Sunday can be paid in two ways:

  • employers pay employees their normal hourly wage plus 70%
  • employers pay employees only the 70% supplement and a give them a day off during the week.

The surcharges for Sunday work are tax-free without any limitation.

The compensatory leave is a full day if the Sunday work lasted more than 4 hours and a half day if it lasted less than 4 hours.

If the hours worked on Sunday are also overtime hours, these must also be paid as such.

(last updated on 13 October 2021)