Which workers are targeted?

The following are subject to the rules of the Labour Code regarding health and safety at work:

  • all employees who are private sector workers, state and municipal workers and temporary workers;
  • trainees and apprentices;
  • unemployed people who are put into work;
  • various categories of job seekers;
  • secondary and university students with a contract of employment during the school holidays working in a job with risk;
  • students on training courses working in jobs with risk.

Note that the law is not applicable to:

  • workers who have the status of state or municipal civil servants (these persons are covered by occupational healthcare specific to their status);
  • employees of the European institutions in Luxembourg;
  • workers benefiting from the protection referred to in Article 76 of the Law dated 9 November 1990 on the creation of a Luxembourg public maritime register;
  • airline pilots (the Civil Aviation Authority has set up its own aviation occupational healthcare service under the supervision of the Occupational Health Division).

Are secondary and university students targeted?

The pre-employment medical examination must be carried out for secondary and university students with a student contract during the school holidays and on secondary and university students enrolled in training courses, whenever they are working in jobs with risk.