What is the purpose of job search leave?

This leave allows employees who have been dismissed to be released from work during the notice period to attend job interviews with potential new employers.

Who can benefit?

This leave is reserved exclusively for employees dismissed with notice by an employer legally established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Employees who have been dismissed for serious misconduct, who have resigned or whose employment contract has been terminated by mutual agreement of the parties are excluded from job search leave.

What are the conditions for granting leave to find a new job?

In order to be eligible for leave to look for a new job, a dismissed employee domiciled in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg must:

  • register as a jobseeker with the Employment Development Agency (ADEM) or with the competent body in the country of residence in the case of a cross-border workers);
  • provide proof to their employer that they are required to apply for a job offer.

Unless the employer and employee agree, registration with ADEM is not part of the job search leave and must be done outside normal working hours.

How long does job search leave last?

An employee who has been dismissed with notice may ask an employer for up to six days of such leave during the notice period, to enable him or her to look for a new job.

ATTENTION: This leave cannot be taken in one go by the employee; it must be split up into the appointment times scheduled for interviews. It can be taken by the hour, half day or day.