Young people can be offered a fixed-term contract when a young person has to carry out a specific, finite task, for the “normal” minimum social wage, which may be reduced according to age. 

A job for which an employer undertakes to provide additional vocational training to the employee may be considered as a specific and finite task. This job must be approved in advance by the Minister of Labour. 

Employment contracts concluded between an employer and a student enrolled in a higher technician diploma course, in a bachelor’s, master’s and intermediate short course, as well as contracts concluded between an employer and a student in secondary and technical secondary education in a Luxembourg school may be fixed-term employment contracts without prejudice to Article L. 342-1. 

For these fixed-term contracts, the weekly duration may not exceed 15 hours on average over a period of one month or four weeks. This limitation does not apply to salaried activities carried out during school holidays. 

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