Launch of a joint communication campaign

“Choose the apprenticeship route / Join 2,000 apprentices”

Each chamber strives to promote apprenticeships in the trades it represents. But for the new school year that has just begun, the four professional chambers have decided to join forces to launch a joint communication campaign to promote apprenticeships as one of the driving forces of society. This campaign has a dual objective: to remind companies of the importance of apprenticeship to train their future employees, and above all, to convince more young people to embark on the apprenticeship adventure.

In order to achieve this objective, the Professional Chambers have opted for a digitally focused campaign in order to optimize and broaden their communication effort via qualified targeting, a strong interaction with their audience and by multiplying contact points.

Whether you are a company wishing to invest in training and hiring an apprentice with confidence or a young person looking for a fulfilling professional life, discover or find out more about the advantages of apprenticeship, the sectors that recruit, apprentice tutoring and all the useful information or the current campaign on the joint site dedicated to apprenticeships:

Please find the joint press release HERE.

Video clips

Florist apprenticeship video:

Pharmacy Assistant Apprenticeship Video:

Sales Consultant Apprenticeship Video:

Butcher Apprenticeship Video:

Roof Framing Apprenticeship Video:



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