How does CSL intervene in the legislative process?

As a formal consultative body, CSL is directly involved in the country’s legislative process.

CSL’s intervention on legislative projects concerning its citizens is an essential element of democracy in the Grand Duchy.

In the course of a year, depending on the volume of the government’s work, CSL issues some 100 opinions in various fields: economic, social, social security, labour law, education and vocational training.

Draft laws or Grand Ducal regulations are assigned to the competent internal commission, which studies them, discusses them and finally draws up a draft opinion to be voted on by the plenary assembly.

Once adopted by the plenary assembly, these opinions are forwarded to the government, the Council of State and the Chamber of Deputies, where they can directly influence parliamentary work, contribute to changes in the draft legislation and thus improve the situation of employees.

In addition, the CSL has the right to propose legislation to the Government, which the Government is obliged to consider and subsequently submit to the Chamber of Deputies.